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Identify a 600


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Door data plate from my Limited Edition 600.

The following information will be common on
all Limited Edition 600s.

All 600s were hardtops or sportsroofs denoted by either a 65A (Hardtop) or a 63A (SportsRoof). However, there was at least one Mach 1 63C. Some hardtops had vinyl roofs some did not.

All 600s were special order paint and will not have a color code. However, through my research they were painted either one of only two colors. "Flower Power Red" matches 1965 Poppy Red or 1970 Calypso Coral, and "Groovy Green, a special mixed color, that matches the 1972 Mustang color called Bright Lime. You can find the color on the body buck tag located by the hood hinge on the right side. It will have a "WT" or "MX" number as noted below.

"Flower Power Red" -- PPG/Ditzler #60449 -- Body buck tag # - WT5185 -- Matches 1965 Poppy Red or 1970 Calypso Coral

"Groovy Green" -- PPG/Ditzler #2385 -- Body buck tag # - MX8241928 -- Matches 1972 Bright Lime

I believe all 600s had the base black interior, however it is possible that some got other colors, but this has not been confirmed to date.

Most 600s will have a date code between 21D and 29D, since special paint cars were batched together. However there are a couple of confirmed 600s built after these dates. It is possible that there were open orders on cars that were not part of the preoders. This way people could specially order their 600 the way they wanted it to be equipped.

Here's the dead give away. All 600s had a DSO beginning with 16 (Philadelphia District) and having one of the following +4 numbers; 2783, 2784, 2785, 2786, 2787, or 2788.

Axle and Trans:
From what I understand, most 600's were six cylinders, 200 & 250 CID. However, it is known that there were some 302 and 351-2V 600s. No larger engine was available.

Also note:
All 600s were assembled at the Metuchen, NJ plant. Denoted by the second letter in the serial number (T).

Other information to help identify a Limited Edition 600.
All 600s were equipped with the "Sports Appearance Group" which consisted of the following: a non-functional hood scoop with integral turn signals, full wheel covers, E78 x 14 whitewall tires, chrome remote driver's side mirror, AM radio, special fender emblems, and multi-colored tape stripes. The pinstripes on all 600s followed the body line, starting at the headlight bucket and ended in a point, at the quarter panel scoops. The stripes on the red cars were colored, white/reflective gold/white while the green cars got black/red/black ones. All other Mustang options were available on the 600s, however, it is most likely that most had few options.