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The 1969 Ford Mustang Limited Edition 600

The Limited Edition 600 was a promotional unit developedby the Philadelphia sales district in May of 1969. The 600 consisted of special order, custom colored Mustangs in either "Flower Power Red" or "Groovy Green." This promotion was only available on hardtops or sportsroofs and included a hood scoop, remote, chrome mirror, AM radio, full wheel covers, whitewalls, tape stripes, and unique fender emblems, all for a special price. Even some hardtops were delivered with vinyl roofs. The promotion's sales goal was to sell 600 of these special units, however, only 503 of Limited Edition 600s were produced, clearly falling short of the target of 600 Mustangs. Interestingly, there was one Groovy Green Mach 1 in this promotion.

The Limited Edition 600 promotion coincided with Ford's national "Mustang Stampede" sales promotion. The Philadelphia District kicked off their "Stampede" with a drive-away dealer event, at the Flying "W" Airport Dude Ranch. Opening this event was Philadelphia District Manager, Jack Mandell, arriving via helicopter, hopping onto a horse. Charging across the airport grounds he greeted the waiting participants and cars, all while dressed in his western duds. This invitation only party was where dealers enjoy the festivities then drive the Mustangs home. Research reveals that the number of cars recieved by each dealership, was assigned by the District Manager, and by how much they would benefit by the promotion, and their size.

All cars in this promotion were built in batches between April 21 and April 29,1969. Many from the first few batches were delivered to Morgan Ford (now Medford Ford) in Meford NJ, for dealer prep and to affix the fender badges. Click here to see an arial photograph of Morgan Ford with 180 Limited Edition 600s prepped and awaiting delivery. After creating a local stir, they were then driven up Route 70 to the Flying "W", in convoys, by dealer and district employees. Drivers boarded school buses only to go back to Morgan Ford and round-up the next heard of Mustangs, a process that consumed one complete day.

The Limited Edition 600 Mustangs were then promoted throughout the Philadelphia District by the means of specially created newspaper ads. These ads called attention to the custom colors and limited availability. The producton number of 503, and the Mach 1 fact, were provided by Kevin Marti, MartiAutoWorks, Production breakdown between the red and green cars is not known at this time, however, according to Bob Morgan, Morgan Ford, about 15-20% were of the green variety. It is known that 87 red cars were ordered in off standard equipment order 2784, and 90 in order number 2788. All 600s will be identified by the absence of a color code and a DSO of 16 plus 2783 through 2788 number on the door data plate. Most but not all 600s were powered by six cylinder engines, some were 302 V8s and the largest available engine was the 351-2v.

Is there a BANDIDO connection?
All late-'69 Mustang drivers' doors lists a Bandido model on the air inflation decal. It is possible Ford planed a special edition Bandido that became Limited Edition 600? Makes sense with the bright colors, the rope motif on the 600 decal, The Stampede adverting campaign in the spring of 1969 and the overall western theme.Maybe this idea was dropped due to its politically incorrect stance toward Mexican-Americans at the time. The "Frito Bandido" cartoon mascot with voice by Mel Blanc, from 1967 to 1971, was dropped at about the same time. Ford eventually killed the Bandido Mustang idea, but not before the name appeared on the tire specification labels in the last half of the 1969 model year.

After interviewing an original owner of a Groovy Green '69 Limited Edition 600 hardtop about his Mustang (whose father happened to own a Ford dealership), He mentioned that he had an accident which required the fender and hood to be repainted. When the body shop repainted his car, the label on the paint can was labeled "Bandido Green." Is this another bit of evidence linking the '69 1/2 Mustang Stampede springtime special editions to the Bandido?

To see one of the Groovy Green 600s undergo a total restoration, click here.

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Now Available!
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This site is the accumulation of about 28 years of information gathering and interviews with several people over the years. I would like to thank Kevin Marti,Bob Morgan, and Allen Cross at FOMOCO Obsolete for their help and information on the 600. I will make every effort to update this site as more information comes to light, and will add other Limited Edition 600 pictures periodicallcally

I am interested in meeting other Limited Edition 600 owners, or would like to hear from anybody who may have any information about the Limited Edition 600. Please contact me at: hughmanick1@verizon.net.

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